Before You Fly

Baggage Information

Check Baggage Rules in Advance

Baggage allowances and policies vary by airline and your hand baggage allowance for a flight is always determined by the operating airline. Find out everything you need to know about taking baggage with you on flights, what you can pack.

You can only carry one Cabin bag plus a personal item such as a purse. Please be sure to pack away items such as Swiss Army knives, fingernail clippers, any other sharp item, and any liquids/gels/pastes into your checked luggage. Small containers of liquids (ex. deodorant, contact lens solution, toothpaste, makeup etc.) should be put in a clear plastic bag and the total volume should not exceed 100ml as a general rule)

Your total baggage weight/pieces must not exceed the maximum limit otherwise you risk being charged by the airlines for each additional overweight and/or over- sized piece of luggage exceeding free allowance. Check this on your ticket before packing your bag.

Check In

Online Check In

Online check inn will allow you to reserve your seat and get a wider choice before check-in opens. Airlines also offer special discount for extra baggage if purchased in advance.

Normally, Airport Check in counters gets closed 60 minutes before flight departures. You shall also check the airport reporting time with the airlines to avoid missing the plane which also involves heavy penalty on flight tickets.

Use Mobile Check Inn to avoid standing in long queues at the airport. Mobile boarding passes are commonly used at various international airports. . Airlines also offer special discount for extra baggage if purchased in advance.

Airport Information

Know your Terminal

Don’t wait until you get to the airport, know your terminal from where your flight is departing. This is mentioned on your flights ticket along with your flight detail.

Airport INN changed to “Check-In Times”: You can check in online or on your mobile phone, from 24 hour, before your flight is scheduled to depart. If you are not using web check inn facility then you shall find out check-in counter opening & closing times of the airport to have a smooth journey

Security can take longer than expected, so allow plenty of time to travel through the airport and arrive at the gate on time. Even if you have already checked in, you need to go to a check in desk to have your travel documents reviewed before you go through security.

Visa, Passport, ESTA

Passports & Visas

If you’re looking to make a smooth start to your journey, You need to make sure you have the right documents, such as a valid passport and the relevant, required & valid visas. Without these essentials, you may not be allowed to travel.

All travelers entering the United States & few other countries (by air or sea) under the visa waiver program are required to hold a valid ESTA travel authorization. The purpose of ESTA is to allow DHS to pre-screen all Visa Waiver Travelers before they leave their respective countries. U.S, Canada and few other countries (Check with Airline).-bound travelers are recommended to apply for a Travel Authorization at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Passengers are asked to take note of stringent regulations that apply to the importation of restricted products such as meat, milk & agro products for personal consumption. For more information, you can refer to the official website of the destination country’s immigrations and customs department.

Special Assistance

Wheelchair Requests

Wheel chair assistance is mostly offered free of cost by various international airlines. If you need wheel chair then don’t forget to make the request for the same in your flight reservation to avoid last minute hassle or not getting wheel chair at the airport.

Did you know your sense of taste changes when you are flying at 30,000 feet? So, don’t forget to add your meal choice to enjoy your long haul flights to the maximum extent. Also check for the special meals available on your flight.

Make sure your dog has all the necessary documentation, vaccinations, treatments and tests to enter or leave the destination country. You must check the rules with the concerned airline to avoid assistance dog being refused entry into an aircraft or country.

Travelling with Children

Children/Infant Booking information

If you're travelling with an infant(0-23 months) or children(2 – 11 years) then specify the same at the time of booking. If you're travelling with an infant who reaches the age of two during their journey, your child will need their own seat for any flights on and after their 2nd birthday. However, there is no charge for this; you will still only pay the infant fare for the entire journey. But check with the airlines for the same.

Children travelling on a child fare are eligible for the same baggage allowances as adults. If you are travelling with infant then must check the weight allowance on the infant’s ticket. Your child's age at departure determines whether or not they are eligible for infant or child fares.

Your meal selectionfor infant/child is just as important as the other details you give while booking your flight. So, ensure that you get the meal that you want, please specify your preferences to the airlines at least 24 hours before your departure.